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Region 5 Convention
May 19th 2012

One thing that helps a successful convention is the generous support of sponsors.  Please consider helping out by sponsoring one or more trophy packages.  The categories are listed below, along with which ones are currently sponsored.
Prices are as follows:
Best of Show:  $50 (Best of Show sponsored by Marty Nevshemal)
Any Best Of:  $30
Any individual category:  $25
Please contact Kelly Quirk at or call 816-863-6659. 
Checks can be made payable to IPMS/West Central Missouri
Mailing address:
235 West 12th Avenue
North Kansas City, MO  64116
Thanks for your support!

B. Aircraft (Best Aircraft sponsored by Hobbytown USA Kansas City)

B-1 : 1:48 Single Engine Prop, Allied (B-1 Aircraft sponsored by IPMS WCMO)

B-2: 1:48 Single Engine Prop, Axis

B-3: 1:48 Single Engine Prop, Pre-WWII

B-4: 1:48 Single Engine Jets, USA

B-5: 1:48 Single Engine Jets, All others (B-5 sponsored by IPMS Alexander Lippisch)

B-6: 1:48 Multi-Engine Prop

B-7: 1:48 Multi-Engine Jet

B-8: 1:72 Single Engine Prop/Jet

B-9: 1:72 Multi-Engine Prop/Jet

B-10: 1:32+ Aircraft, Prop

B-11: 1:32+ Aircraft, Jet (B-11 sponsored by Frank Holsburg)

B-12: Helos/Misc, All scales, all eras


C. Automotive 

C-1: Any GM, Ford & Chrysler vehicle

C-2: Foreign: Any auto not made in USA

C-3: Race cars, any type of auto racing

C-4: Custom Vehicles, mild to wild

C-5: Motorcycles/ 2-Wheeled vehicles

C-6: Trucks, Fire-Rescue, all others


D. Armor & AFV’s (Best Armor sponsored by KC AMPS)

D-1: 1:35+ Closed top Allied to 1945 (D-1 sponsored by IPMS Lakes Region)

D-2: 1:35+ Closed top Axis to 1945

D-3: 1:35+ Closed top NATO after 1945

D-4: 1:35+ Closed top other after 1945

D-5: 1:35+ Open top; soft skin

D-6: 1:35+ Jeeps/Armored Cars/Halftracks (D-6 sponsored by

D-7: 1:35+ Artillery, all eras

D-8: 1:48 Tracked , all eras (D-8 sponsored by Norm Trigg)

D-9: 1:48 Wheeled & arty, all eras

D-10: 1:72 & smaller, Tracked, all eras

D-11: 1:72 & smaller, Wheeled & arty, all eras


E: Juniors (Best Junior sponsored by Kelly Quirk)

E-1: All scales, all types & all eras (E-1 sponsored by IPMS Gateway)


F. Figures (Best Figure sponsored by IPMS Prison City Modelers)

F-1: 54mm and smaller

F-2: 55mm and larger


G. Dioramas (Best Diorama sponsored by IPMS Plastic Surgeons)

G-1: Small sized base

G-2: Large sized base (G-2 sponsored by Richard Sliwka)


H. Spacecraft & Sci-Fi (Best Spacecraft & Sci-Fi sponsored by IPMS Lakes Region)

H-1: All scales, all types & all eras


J. Naval (Best Naval sponsored by

J-1: All scales, all types & all eras


K. Miscellaneous (Best Miscellaneous sponsored by IPMS Great Plains)

K-1: Dinosaurs, humor, fictional, etc

K-2: 100% scratch built, all scales (K-2 sponsored by Ron Denning)

K-3: 100% OOB Plastic Kits, all scales (K-3 sponsored by IPMS Hawkeye Modelers)